slider_oneWhen you need metal or waste removal for your residential or commercial project, call MCQ Handling Inc.


MCQ Handling Inc has three main areas of service:
  1. Roll-off bin services,
  2. Lugger box services and
  3. Dump services.slider_four
We own tractors, trailers and steel collection bins used for the collection and transportation of scrap metal and related materials.


Our products and services range from waste management and disposal services to residential dumpster services.slider_two


MCQ Handling Inc is a market leader in the collection and transportation of scrap metals in the Great Lakes region. MCQ Handling Inc is by far the dominant participant in the regional market ranging from Hamilton to Windsor, and more than twice the size of the next largest competitor.


Over the past 25 years we have also designed equipment for the varying needs of customers from containers (two yard to 90 yard), compactors and recycling equipment.


MCQ Handling Inc has been a family owned and operated business for since 1991.  From the beginning, we have prided ourselves on our good customer service.